Pre Restauration

This is my TR in the Taunus near Frankfurt before the restoration and changes. Note that there is still the original steering wheel installed which is now hanging in my garage. Also there is still one side mirror missing, the old vinyl plastic interieur is also still in use and the TR was still registered at my old home (as the German number plates do not belong to the car and their first letters show the area).

Front View

This is the actual look of the TR from the front. The photo was made together with the following ones just some miles from my home away.

Front/Side View

This picture is from the same series as the one before.

Side View

Side / Back View

This one is from another series but still just some miles away from my home. It is an older picture as there are still the old yellow indicator lamps installed.

Back View

This picture was taken somewhere in the western part of Denmark near the North Sea.

Interieur View

And here you can see the nice full leather interieur.

Central Dash View

And now a closer view. Here you also see the part which was missing on this car and was very hard to find. It is the original screen washer pump and knob at the right hand corner of the picture. At the end I bought it in the US via Ebay as a NOS (new old stock) part. The seller had also a TR3B which he had sold to an Italian via the Internet and therefore could also sell his spare parts. If you have such a pump including the knob and want to sell it please feel free to contact me.

Side Window View

Here you see not only the roof erected. Because I am travelling a lot and the luggage space is limited I decided to leave my side screens (the original windows) at home. Instead I have now a flexible version out of two parts. Here both parts are installed. The upper part with the window is fixed on top and bottom via zippers, on the front screen via Tenax knobs and on the rear via Velcro.

Lower Side Window

And here we have only the lower part installed. Works well also when driving open in cold weather (as you can see on the Alps picture).

Tonneau Cover

In this picture the tonneau cover is installed. Looks a little bit strange with a white cover on a white car......

Drivers View

Enough with this boring pictures. Now it is time to drive. Here you can see how it looks like to drive a TR3 on a narrow road in Bavaria.

In Motion

And this is how this nice wheels look at work.

In the Alps

Here I am on a long vacation trip somewhere in the alps. This photo was made in hot September 2001 but due 10.000ft above sea level there was still snow. During this trip I was in five different countries.

Visiting the neighbors

Here the TR parks somewhere in the Czech Republic during a weekend trip.

Following a TR4

Straight roads are boring for the TR and the driver. Therefore I took my digital camera and made some pictures of the fast yellow TR4 in front of me. A lot of TR enthusiats in Germany know that yellow one.....

Sheeps near Nürburgring

That was a realy ugly thing. As every year I was on the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring having fun with lots of other TR owners. During a morning I decided to have a short trip around the corner before having the first beer. Soon I was having fun with the motor bike behind me. But when I came around the corner all the sheeps were there. Now I know that the original brakes are strong enough and the the guy behind me knows how to handle a motor bike......